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  • 1. Jerline Sheebha Anni & Arun Kumar Sangaiah (2016) , "Elephant Tracking with Seismic Sensors: A Technical Perceptive Review", Jurnal Teknologi, Vol. 74(1), pp.193-203 (Impact Factor: 0.43), (Scopus Indexed, ESCI-WOS).
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  • 4. Jerline Sheebha Anni DHANARAJ & Arun Kumar SANGAIAH (2017), "A Wireless Sensor Network based on Unmanned Boundary Sensing Technique for Minimizing Human Elephant Conflicts", Studies in Informatics and Control, Vol. 26(4), pp.459-468, 2017 (Impact Factor: 2.102), (SCI Indexed).
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  • 7. Hawazin P. Khaleel, Sameera V Mohd Sagheer, Baburaj Madathil and Sudhish NGeorge, “Denoising of Rician corrupted 3D Magnetic Resonance Images using Ten-sor-SVD”, Biomedical Signal Processing and Control (Elsevier) vol.44, pp. 82-95,Jul.2018.
  • 8. Jerline Sheebha Anni,Prabu Mohandas & Xiao-Zhi Gao (2019), “Artificial Neural Network based Smart and Energy Efficient Street Lighting System: A Case Study for Residential area in Hosur”, Sustainable Cities and Society (Elsevier), Vol.48, (Impact Factor: 7.587), (SCI indexed).
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  • 11. Prabu Mohandas &Jerline Sheebha Anni D, Raj Kumar Thanasekaran, Khairunnisa Hasikin, Muhammad Mokhzaini Azizan(2021), “Object Detection and Movement Tracking using Tubelets and Faster RCNN Algorithm with Anchor Generation”, Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing (Wiley) (Impact Factor:2.336), (SCI indexed).
  • 12. Prabu Mohandas & Jerline Sheebha Anni D, Choudhury, T., & Raj kumar,T.(2021) , “ Elephant movement mapping in Hosur forest border areas to detect the elephant intrusion pattern and mitigation measures to resolve human–elephant conflict”, GeoJournal (Springer). (Impact Factor:1.733), (Scopus indexed).


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